使用 Heapster 获取集群和对象的 metric 数据

Heapster作为kubernetes安装过程中默认安装的一个插件,见安装heapster插件。这对于集群监控十分有用,同时在Horizontal Pod Autoscaling中也用到了,HPA将Heapster作为Resource Metrics API,向其获取metric,做法是在kube-controller-manager 中配置--api-server指向kube-aggregator,也可以使用heapster来实现,通过在启动heapster的时候指定--api-server=true






--allowed-users string
comma-separated list of allowed users
log to standard error as well as files
Enable API server for the Metrics API. If set, the Metrics API will be served on --insecure-port (internally) and --secure-port (externally).
--authentication-kubeconfig string
kubeconfig file pointing at the 'core' kubernetes server with enough rights to create
--authentication-token-webhook-cache-ttl duration
The duration to cache responses from the webhook token authenticator. (default 10s)
--authorization-kubeconfig string
kubeconfig file pointing at the ‘core' kubernetes server with enough rights to create
--authorization-webhook-cache-authorized-ttl duration
The duration to cache 'authorized' responses from the webhook authorizer. (default 10s)
--authorization-webhook-cache-unauthorized-ttl duration
The duration to cache 'unauthorized' responses from the webhook authorizer. (default 10s)
--bind-address ip
The IP address on which to listen for the --secure-port port. The associated interface(s) must be reachable by the rest of the cluster, and by CLI/web clients. If blank, all interfaces will be used ( (default
--cert-dir string
The directory where the TLS certs are located (by default /var/run/kubernetes). If --tls-cert-file and --tls-private-key-file are provided, this flag will be ignored. (default "/var/run/kubernetes")
--client-ca-file string
If set, any request presenting a client certificate signed by one of the authorities in the client-ca-file is authenticated with an identity corresponding to the CommonName of the client certificate.
Enable contention profiling. Requires --profiling to be set to work.
Disable exporting metrics in api/v1/metric-export
Enables swagger ui on the apiserver at /swagger-ui
--heapster-port int
port used by the Heapster-specific APIs (default 8082)
--historical-source string
which source type to use for the historical API (should be exactly the same as one of the sink URIs), or empty to disable the historical API
--label-seperator string
seperator used for joining labels (default ",")
--listen-ip string
IP to listen on, defaults to all IPs
--log-backtrace-at traceLocation
when logging hits line file:N, emit a stack trace (default :0)
--log-dir string
If non-empty, write log files in this directory
--log-flush-frequency duration
Maximum number of seconds between log flushes (default 5s)
log to standard error instead of files (default true)
--max-procs int
max number of CPUs that can be used simultaneously. Less than 1 for default (number of cores)
--metric-resolution duration
The resolution at which heapster will retain metrics. (default 1m0s)
Enable profiling via web interface host:port/debug/pprof/ (default true)
--requestheader-allowed-names stringSlice
List of client certificate common names to allow to provide usernames in headers specified by --requestheader-username-headers. If empty, any client certificate validated by the authorities in --requestheader-client-ca-file is allowed.
--requestheader-client-ca-file string
Root certificate bundle to use to verify client certificates on incoming requests before trusting usernames in headers specified by --requestheader-username-headers
--requestheader-extra-headers-prefix stringSlice
List of request header prefixes to inspect. X-Remote-Extra- is suggested. (default [x-remote-extra-])
--requestheader-group-headers stringSlice
List of request headers to inspect for groups. X-Remote-Group is suggested. (default [x-remote-group])
--requestheader-username-headers stringSlice
List of request headers to inspect for usernames. X-Remote-User is common. (default [x-remote-user])
--secure-port int
The port on which to serve HTTPS with authentication and authorization. If 0, don't serve HTTPS at all. (default 6443)
--sink *flags.Uris
external sink(s) that receive data (default [])
--source *flags.Uris
source(s) to watch (default [])
--stderrthreshold severity
logs at or above this threshold go to stderr (default 2)
--tls-ca-file string
If set, this certificate authority will used for secure access from Admission Controllers. This must be a valid PEM-encoded CA bundle. Altneratively, the certificate authority can be appended to the certificate provided by --tls-cert-file.
--tls-cert string
file containing TLS certificate
--tls-cert-file string
File containing the default x509 Certificate for HTTPS. (CA cert, if any, concatenated after server cert). If HTTPS serving is enabled, and --tls-cert-file and --tls-private-key-file are not provided, a self-signed certificate and key are generated for the public address and saved to /var/run/kubernetes.
--tls-client-ca string
file containing TLS client CA for client cert validation
--tls-key string
file containing TLS key
--tls-private-key-file string
File containing the default x509 private key matching --tls-cert-file.
--tls-sni-cert-key namedCertKey
A pair of x509 certificate and private key file paths, optionally suffixed with a list of domain patterns which are fully qualified domain names, possibly with prefixed wildcard segments. If no domain patterns are provided, the names of the certificate are extracted. Non-wildcard matches trump over wildcard matches, explicit domain patterns trump over extracted names. For multiple key/certificate pairs, use the --tls-sni-cert-key multiple times. Examples: "example.key,example.crt" or "*,,foo.crt". (default [])
--v Level
log level for V logs
print version info and exit
--vmodule moduleSpec
comma-separated list of pattern=N settings for file-filtered logging
version: v1.4.0 commit: 546ab66f


Heapster提供RESTful API接口,下面以获取spark-cluster namespace的memory usage为例讲解Heapster API的使用。
"metrics": [
"timestamp": "2017-10-16T09:14:00Z",
"value": 322592768
"timestamp": "2017-10-16T09:15:00Z",
"value": 322592768
"timestamp": "2017-10-16T09:16:00Z",
"value": 322592768
"latestTimestamp": "2017-10-16T09:16:00Z"
第一部分:Heapster API地址
$ kubectl cluster-info
Heapster is running at
第二部分:Heapster API参数
表示查询的是spark-cluster namespace中的memory/usage的metrics。
$ date --rfc-3339="seconds"
2017-10-16 17:23:20+08:00